just the tip: smart car service geolocates you for immediate pick up

Uber Car service is making your phone even smarter. Even when you may not know your location, you can open the Uber Car service app and the nearest town car will come pick you up.

Map on Uber Car Service Maps Your Location

The driver can see your location once you call for service and you can see where the car is, all via their map function.  Their motto: everyone’s private driver.

While I still prefer Homobile, the gay friendly car service in SF that got its start by providing safe passage to drag queens and leather clad dads, sometimes it’s nice to get all James Bond with my iPhone…especially if I don’t know where I’m at.

It’s about twice as expensive as a cab. While I’m not sure how long it’s good for, I did find a coupon for $15 off your first ride. When you get to the promotions section type in: Pistachio

Cities that have Uber Car Service, currently include:




New York City


San Francisco



Washington, D.C.

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