Living XXXL – Three Parties in Four Hours, On Foot

San Francisco nightlife is truly going through a season of creation. The winter is over and spring is upon us. Last night we barreled through the streets of SF, on foot. Each step leading us to equally unique and impressive experiences.

Starting at Rickshaw Stop for the first Rocket Collective,  a new monthly party to raise money for the infamous Astropups Burningman Camp , we were met by burners and an awesome sampling of SF’s finest.

Rocket Collective Blasted Into A Monthly Orbit

Onto a molten disco inferno that happens every month at Deco. Go Bang! is the perfect mix of casual party-goers interspersed with hard-core disco diehards. More great friends filled this space, with a few extra brilliant stars that have been shining brightly since the original disco explosion.

Rich King Goes Bang

Next up was Squrrl, at the Stud. Another regular event that happens quarterly either at the stud or in the back room of the famous Bootie SF party. This is another great example of dance culture embracing the bear movement.

S Q U i R R L

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