Living XXXL: 22 Pound Flemish Giant Rabbit, Love…

I’m obsessed with this XXXL Rabbit, known as the Flemish Giant. As you will note, they are very slimming when held in photos.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Talk to da paw

According to Wikipedia, the Flemish Giant:

The Flemish Giant is an old breed of domesticated rabbits, originating from the Flemish region. They have been bred as early as the 16th century around the city of Ghent, Belgium. It is believed to have descended from a number of meat and fur breeds, possibly including the Steenkonijn (Stone Rabbit – referring to the old Belgian weight size of one ‘stone’ or 3,5 kg) and the European “patagonian” breed (now extinct).[1] This ‘Patagonian’ rabbit was a large landrace breed that was once bred in Belgium and France. The Patagonian breed was not related to the Patagonian rabbit of Argentina (Sylvilagus brasiliensis) a separate wild species which weighs less than two pounds[2] (about 1 kg), nor the Patagonian hare (Dolichotis patagonum), which is a variety of rodent (classified as a Cavy) and thus cannot interbreed with domesticated rabbits.[3] Thomas Coatoam in his “Origins of the Flemish Giants” tells us “The earliest authentic record of the Flemish Giant Rabbit occurred about the year 1860. At that time, in England, stories were being circulated by travelers having recently returned from Flanders, of the enormous size of the rabbits raised in that country and in parts of France. Weights of certain specimen were stated to be 18 to 20 pounds. However, a close investigation of the matter of weights proved that 12to 14 pounds were the average weight of giant rabbits raised in the above mentioned country.

More Flemish facts on this XXXL sized bunny:

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