Don’t Support the Starbucks Expansion in the Castro, There is Another Answer for Community Focused Space

Starbucks in the Castro is trying to expand to 2201 Market Street.  This is the wrong move for our community.

They are touting more space for working, collaborating, and artist exhibitions.  This all sounds amazing, however, we need something community driven, as opposed to a big brand doing this for us.

We definitely need space for entrepreneurs and collaboration in the Castro. It just can’t be Starbucks that provides this space.

Don’t sign their petition; please tell your friends and family to not support it. There is another answer.

We Must Look inward to Fortify Our Community, Not Outward to Big Brands

Starbucks in undeniable community oriented, with the many bears that frequent their storefront as evidence of this.  However as a community we need to  move away from large national vendors and support local entrepreneurs.  Harvey Milk had a vision for the Castro. We need to honor his legacy and do what we can to make sure the Castro remains a beacon of gay hope and entrepreneurism.

We need to start building spaces that reflect the needs of our community. The first phase  fueled by those of us who want a space between a local bar and the limitations of a traditional coffee shop.   A place where we can expand our personal and professional lives; a place where culture meshes with collaboration; a place that by simply being in existence will fortify and support our community in a new way.

It’s time we stop focusing outward and begin our inward journey to inspire what needs to come next. Don’t let a corporation define this journey for us. We have everything we need. We just need to remember where we came from.  We are the original guerilla organization in the Castro. Let’s take it back.

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