New Lottery System Announced for 2012 BurningMan Tickets = Confusing…

Burningman just announced a new system for gaining access to the coveted event that runs from late August to Early September. It sounds very confusing and has me a bit anxious.  This sentiment is being echoed on the message board. The majority is, by far, pissed off by a lottery system.

Love will show us the way, Burningman 2011, Painted and Shot by Riley

Even after reading the official announce, I’m not sure how it will work, other than the first lottery will be before the end of November.

You can read more on the Burningman Discussion Group, excerpt below is from there.


Changes and improvements are afoot for ticket sales to Burning Man 2012! Here’s a first look at what to expect — stand by for more complete information soon, but for now (we know, you’re wondering!) here’s a quick overview:

2011 provided two compelling reasons to change how tickets are sold: a challenging ticket launch day, and then, our first-ever sold-out event. Before the Man even fell in BRC, we got busy with a deep examination of our processes and technology – and of new ideas, some of them straight from your feedback – to figure out how to provide successful, smooth ticket sales in 2012.

The big news: tickets to Burning Man 2012 will be offered via a lottery system. This solution offers a two-fold benefit: it eliminates the annual ticket sales rush by spreading out registration over time (no more sitting in “line” all day, no more getting kicked out of the queue, no sudden unwieldy server demand!) — and it begins to address the challenges of scarcity. We are also intent upon creating a balance of opportunity across a few months time.

We’ll have more details coming very soon (including deadlines and prices) but here’s a summary of the major changes to how tickets will be obtained:

– You’ll first register for the ticket lottery during a 2-week open registration period. At that time, you’ll declare which of the pricing tiers you’d be willing to pay, and provide a valid credit card number.
– After the registration period, we will run separate lotteries for each ticket tier. If your name is selected, at this point your credit card will be billed, and you’ll receive a ticket confirmation.
– There will be several consecutive lottery rounds.
– You will only be able to purchase tickets from one lottery
– Yhere will be a limited number of tickets per person
– Ticket fulfillment will be held until early summer.

And YOU, JRS subscriber, will be the first to receive information and get a chance to register! Coming up soon, we will be announcing full details, pricing tiers, dates of the registration period and lottery round announcements, and of course a big fat FAQ.

PRE-SALES: We also announce the return of a limited Pre-Sale, timed around the holidays. These “pre-sale” tickets will be offered at a significantly higher price than the very lowest tier of tickets; they’ll also be sold via a lottery system. (This also affords a chance for us all to experience the lottery program with a smaller subset of ticket buyers before the main rollout begins.)

REDUCED PRICE PROGRAMS: We continue to welcome and support attendance for lower-income participants, so we will be overhauling the Low Income and Scholarship ticket programs in 2012. The two similar programs are being merged into one, to create a hybrid that will retain the best features of each — and serve more people, since we’re also increasing the number of these tickets that will be available.

The JRS and should be your primary source of information over any Facebook page, twitter feed, locker room or water cooler chatter”. The first registration will start before the end of November. Read your JRS regularly to be informed.

Got questions now? We know you do!…but please wait until the full details are released before you send us your questions – all will be revealed shortly. DO NOT EMAIL us, we will not answer questions about the ticket process on any of our aliases until all the info is out.

Visit the ePlaya ticket threads at and discuss and ask questions openly so we can answer in a way that benefits more people.

Here’s to hoping this wasn’t my last burn…I’m trusting this will all work out

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