It’s not the last Burningman, Let’s Celebrate This Thursday @ Dial-UP — Donate $5, or more, get on my guest list

In addition to celebrating the fact it’s not the last Burningman, you can help some good causes, including my own, this Thursday by joining us for another amazing edition of Dial-UP at Public Works, that I’ll be co-hosting. YAY!!!

This month’s party is about bears, Burningman, and bras.

Andres go-goes, never stop-stop baby!

Bears: For all you Electronic Music Bears fans, Dabecy will be on the decks (full bio, below). If you haven’t heard Dabecy live, I can guarantee his set will get you in the mood for some awesomeness. In preparation for Thursday, you can enjoy this amazing recorded set from Dabecy.

Burningman: Donate $5, or more, via PayPal by Thursday afternoon and get on my guest list.  To help raise funds for our Burningman Camp, Conception, the Dial-UP crew has been gracious enough to provide me a guest list for anyone that donates to our camp fund. The money will be going towards a projector so we can have some awesome visuals for our parties on the Playa.

All you have to do is go to and enter my email The suggested donation is $5, however you can donate more if you’d like. Once I have your donation, I’ll add you to my list.  For those of you that are out of town, or busy, you can still donate to my camp and I’ll save you a dance for the next time we are together.

The party is usually bumping by about 10.30/11. Check out the flier for details.

Click to Enlarge

Bras: In addition to my fundraising efforts, the Dial-Up Crew is collecting bras for the bra drive we are having for a Homeless Woman’s Drop in Center.

So bring a bra, you feel good giving to someone else, and help the cause.

About Dabecy: SF Bay Area native, Darren M. Cutlip, under the name dabecy, began creating avant-garde music and sound art in 1987, at the age of 16. Influenced and inspired by acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk, Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Nurse With Wound, Darren began self-releasing his recordings on cassette. Later, backed by legendary SF noise pioneer Elden M, who is most noted for his Allegory Chapel releases, Darren won acclaim for several successful releases.

Darren Rocking Public Works in June 2011

Prized as much for the sophisticated music and atmospheres as for the unique and creative packaging of his releases, Darren soon found himself sharing an audience with seminal noise act The Haters.

In the early 90’s, after being exposed to clubs and raves such as Big Heart City, Toon Town, Mr. Floppy’s Flophouse, and later, parties such as Come-Unity, A Rave Called Sharon and The Gathering, Darren became hooked on house, acid house, and techno. When he heard the track LFO by LFO on WARP Records at Mr. Floppy’s Flophouse he was completely blown away. That moment was the catalyst for him to reinvent his sound, using the famous Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines and the inimitable TB-303 bassline synthesizer.

Meeting Adam Douglas of SF-based Acid House group 303 Terrorists led to Darren submitting a demo to San Francisco’s Flask Records – a division of pioneering ambient label Silent Records.

In 1993, electronic composer Kim Cascone, then head of Silent, impressed with the demo, signed Darren and promptly placed him in several compilations. Cascone also produced Darren’s first full-length release, “Logarithmic”, under the moniker Dreams Without Number. “Logarithmic” landed in the Top 10 on London’s KISS FM ambient chart, alongside acts such as the Orb and Future Sound of London.

Throughout the mid to late 90’s Darren developed his live performances, and became a fixture at many underground raves and parties in the Bay Area. In the late 90‘s, Darren was the first electronic act to play the famous San Francisco jazz club, Cafe du Nord.

In 1999 Darren released “Autacoid” on Solid Grooves Records, sharing the Trax Cafe compilation imprint with a select group of the Bay Area’s top electronic talent, including techno legends Kit Clayton and Chris Jackson, prolific artist Lucas Rodenbush, DoBox label head Derrick Scott, and many others.

After a needed break from the demands of the nightlife scene, Darren reemerged in December of 2008, creating the popular ELECTRONIC MUSIC BEARS (EMB) Facebook group and podcast. Reinvigorated by the success of emb, Dabecy is once again behind the decks, setting off dance floors at Public Works, EndUP, Honey Soundystem, and Bearracuda.

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