Bears Explained on Showtime’s The BIG C, with Laura Linney

I’ve loved Laura Linney since I discovered her via Armistead Maupin Tales of the City, TV miniseries. As Mary Anne Singleton she embodied a sweet, yet deceptive naivety that pushed the boundaries of her midwesternly sensible character and captivated us as the darker side of human nature enveloped her sweetness.

God I love the original Mona Ramsey and Mouse

In The BIG C, on Showtime, her character once again pushes the boundaries of human nature. Faced with terminal melanoma in the opening scene of the first episode, it’s hard to watch. And before you know it, you can’t pull your eyes from the grizzly scene.

Mixed in with the trials and tribulations of mortality, a dark humor and curiosity emerges from the storyline. Which brings me to the most grizzly episode of all…Episode 7: Godilocks and the Bears.

Now in its second season, this Monday’s episode takes Laura Linney into a bear bar. This episode is epic on so many levels. Much like one of my all time favorite 30 Rock Episodes, where Alex Baldwin exclaims, “I’m a daddy, I’m a bear…I’m a daddy bear” this episode shouldn’t be missed.

As reported by Queerty:

Showtime’s cancer dramedy, The Big C, isn’t the first in line to bring its take on the bear subculture to a non-gay audience. John Waters’A Dirty Shame, singer Jill Sobule, The Sarah Silverman Program, fashion designers Costello TagliapietraMy Life on The D-List and “Al” from Home Improvement all got there before it.

But now it’s oncology’s turn to enjoy large hairy men: In this week’s episode, Laura Linney’s character Cathy befriended Lee (Hugh Dancy, at right), a gay cancer patient with very specific tastes in men. Lee took Cathy and husband Paul (Oliver Platt) to his favorite bar for a little Bear 101.

The episode, “Goldilocks and The Bears,” played fast and loose with facts and funny slang (What exactly is a “beartrapper” again?) but it’s still sweetly amusing to see Oliver Platt treated like an object of lust by a gang of Central Casting beardos—and find himself turned on in the process.

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