It’s the Last Burningman, According to Founder: “Having Sold Out This Year, The End Was Inevitable”

Yeah Right!!! The notorious Burningman pranks and rumors have already begun. Yesterday, the The Shroom Reported the end of Burningman and Facebook blew up.

Read the ‘About‘ section, people! The Shroom is the self proclaimed Onion of the Playa.

In defense of the masses, when this originally posted, yesterday, the ‘shape shifting vampire’ comment wasn’t included. Therefore it read a bit more realistically.  I bet the Burningman Communications crew had them add it in to help folks understand it was a hoax.

If Orson Welles or anyone else tells you aliens are coming, don’t jump out your window it’s likely a hoax…see War of the Worlds radio hoax.

If you do have unicorn, you should probably keep them in inside. They also reported a Unicorn Flu Pandemic.

–Larry Harvey, the man (and shape-shifting vampire) who pioneered Burning Man, the famous counter culture music and arts festival founded in San Francisco in 1986, which later moved to the desert north of Reno, Nevada, announced that 2011 is its final year. Caught off guard, those in attendance, including a herd of sparkle ponies with their cell phones, twitter accounts and digital cameras at the ready, were stunned into silence before being able to alert the world of the impending disaster rivaled only by the revelation that there is no Santa Claus.

completely unrelated story: UNICORN FLU PANDEMIC!

When pressed for the reasons behind the abrupt end to the iconic festival it was Harvey’s turn to be silent. Clearly stifling tears, he finally mustered up the ability to provide some answers. “We never intended that Burning Man would run forever, but we had hoped to go out a bit differently than this. It just sort of all came together as things often do on the Playa,” he said. Harvey continued, “When we realized we’d actually sell out this year I had an inkling this was the end. When it was clear demand would outstrip supply and market forces came to bear I knew that there was a strong possibility people would abandon the ethos of the event and turn to profiteering by scalping tickets, offering tourist packages and other practices we’ve been opposed to since the beginning.”

Many of the Burning Man Organization members in attendance were teary eyed, including Chief Communications Officer Will Chase, who agreed it was a sad day indeed. “We didn’t want to do this, but it was like watching Ol’ Yeller get rabies. Hard as it was it was better to put him down than watch him go mad and become something ugly and devoid of love.”

Shockwaves are rippling throughout the Burning Man community as hundreds of businesses and artisans that participate in a cottage industry are scrambling in the wake of the realization that they’ll have to get real jobs in two months. Scores of camps and campers are sure to be inconsolable with regard to the fortunes worth of gear, infrastructure, art cars, and costuming that will be rendered useless. Organizers are also worried about what sort of behavior might be triggered during the event as a result of the announcement. Left over structures such as sign posts, art installations and other artifacts are earmarked for private auction with unsold pieces to be part of a permanent Burning Man museum set to open in San Francisco next spring. There is growing concern that Burners will pillage many of the items during the departure from Black Rock City referred to as Exodus.

Not everything you read or hear is true, just saying

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  1. It’s always a shame when something like this come to his end, but we can expect there will appear some other movements.
    The way of feeling of those artist is the same as in many other places, and none can stop this.
    Extract from the burning man web:

    “The history of our time calls to mind those Walt Disney characters who rush madly over the edge of a cliff without seeing it: the power of their imagination keeps them suspended in mid-air, but as soon as they look down and see where they are, they fall.*

    — Raoul Vaneigem, The History of Everyday Life

    We are living in a period of widespread fear and insecurity. We cling to what we have, but what we’ve had was merely the illusion of a mortgaged future. Nothing that we see around us feels sustainable. As one who blunders off a cliff, our legs still twiddle in the air: we haven’t gained a foothold that will see us through. Deeply-fathomed change we share with others — the kind of change that summons up the earth to meet one’s feet — becomes the only pathway forward, our most crucial step.”

  2. I wanted to post this for the beautiful context. However if you ready my post closely, burningman isn’t ending. The post I’m referring to was a hoax.

    i love the quotes you reference.
    big besos.

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