Obama Supports Same Sex Marriage Repeal In California

In case you hadn’t seen this, there was some headway made on July 20th with Obama backing the repeal of the defense of marriage act in California. This comes on the coattails of Obama hosting the first GLBT Reception celebrating Pride Month at the White House and New York legalizing Gay marriage.

While things are moving, I keep feeling this fight for gay marriage, on the state levels, is  a distraction from fighting for GLBT rights on a  national level. Not to mention the ‘marriage’ card as opposed to civil unions, puts an even bigger target on our backs  for churches to fire at.

I’ve always felt ‘marriage’ should be left to the churches and the straight people that love them. By drawing religious undertones into our civil rights movement conservatives can tap into the mass mass infrastructures and even bigger bank accounts of organized religion to further fumble and confuse the GLBT civil rights movement. We need equal rights across the board. Gay Marriage is just a pacifier.

With that said, Obama is continuing to make ‘progress’ on the Gay Marriage front in California with Diane Feinstein. You can read the full article on SF Gate, and excerpt included below:

President Obama on Tuesday endorsed a bill by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which for 15 years has denied all federal recognition of married same-sex couples.

Gay rights groups that had pressured Obama to take a firm stand on same-sex marriage heralded the move as historic. Until Tuesday, Obama had been on the record as opposing same-sex marriage while saying his personal views had been “evolving.”

Obama at the first LGBT reception at the White House

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