It’s my Birthday: Don’t Buy Me a Shot, DONATE $5 to the TREVOR PROJECT

As I celebrate my 37th year it’s impossible to not reflect on all the good times and some of the bad times. In the total picture of life, the darkest moments have often helped me appreciate the brightest moments even more.

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That is why the Trevor Project is so important. They help GLBT teens get through some of their darkest hours, so they can appreciate the light a new day can bring.

Today, more than anyday, I’m happy to have overcome the darkness in my life and would like to ask all of you to help others do the same.

Instead of a shot, or a gift, I’m asking you read about the Trevor Project, tell a friend, and perhaps make a donation.

The Trevor Project reminds GLBT Teens, even when the darkness swallows them,  the  light will come again.

Text TREVOR to 85944 to make a $5 Donation

The Trevor Project can help — 24 hours a day – anywhere in the nation

The Trevor Project provides counseling for youth in risk and guidance for educators and parents with teens at risk.

The Trevor Helpline, a toll-free number (866.4.U.TREVOR (866.488.7386), is a confidential service that offers trained counselors. The Trevor Project also provides guidance and vital resources to parents and educators in order to foster safe, accepting and inclusive environments for all youth, at home and at school.

Donate to The Trevor Project

Like The Trevor Project on Facebook

Follow the Trevor Project on Twitter: @TrevorProject



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