You Must Be Gay To Play, Controversy Over Heterosexuals In Gay Sports Leagues

Many of my friends play softball for the gay league and have commented on the fact some of the teams have multiple straight players. They have also mentioned that this is a form of cheating the system.

In yesterday’s New York Times this article ran with the same conclusion.This is definitely worth a read as it digs into the ‘gay’ identity and why some things should remain sacred. ¬†As one person states it it’s called ‘gay’ softball for a reason. If everyone played it would just be softball.

The argument is that as a minority group some things should remain sacred as a safe place to be around others like yourself. Some say it’s time to integrate, fully. I’m on the fence.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.

According to a New York Times Article that ran yesterday:

The five ballplayers summoned before a protest committee at the Gay Softball World Series stood accused of cheating. Their alleged offense: heterosexuality.

it's the only sports related photo I had :). Brian Wilson Stole MY Look ...

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  1. I love when straight guys play in gay leagues. 1) It is a sign our straight brothers are finally loosening up (which is sometimes fun). 2) It increases the level of competition in the leagues, which is good for gay sports. 3) Dominating a straight guy in sports has a certain extra level of satisfaction. (Go home and tell your straight friends you got dunked on by a gay guy. Haha).

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