Kicking off Each Film at Frameline is an Art Form, Check This Year’s Opener By Homochic

As a writer finding the words is sometimes hard. With  film this process is even more daunting. It’s words, images, and musical scores.

In it’s 35th year Frameline celebrates the complexity  of film. The reward for audiences and filmmakers is  a plethora of emotions.

To queue up these emotional experiences takes true genius. That is why Frameline chose Homochic this year to create the festival trailer.

Founded in 1977, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. As a community event with an annual attendance of 60,000, the Festival is the most prominent and well-attended LGBT arts program in the Bay Area. Frameline also presents year-round exhibitions, including Frameline at The Center, a free film series highlighting diverse, socially relevant works. Year-round programs also include members-only sneak previews and special events, as well as special screenings and events featuring directors, actors and other queer media icons.

Starting today, every film shown at Frameline, will start with the Homochic festival trailer.

Clip from the Festival Trailer

Homochic is a production house & artist collective based in SF and New York. Their focus is gay anthropology and their goal is to make gay history and art accessible to a global population. Homochic provides artistic and commercial services including filmmaking, music video production, costume and fashion, as well as music and graphic design.

Homochic was founded by Leo Herrera, Jacob Sperber and Allan Herrera.  Leo has created videos for legends like Amanda LePore, Allan is an amazing fashion designer whose fashion was  recently featured on stage by Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters, and Jacob is the founding partner of Honey Soundsytem. Each is a gem in their own right.

Congratulations to the boys on this amazing accomplishment.

Homochic Manifesto:

To burn down the closet & bury a plague.

The disease and the consumer excess that defined and defied three decades of gay culture finally comes to a close. We’ve watched the hands of our biological clocks stop at puberty, prom kings in college, looking back to golden ages to dictate the course of our movements as gay men. The opportunity of experiencing a gay life devoid of fear has arrived with unprecedented influence and opportunities. As a wave of visibility engulf us, we can hold on to the relics and martyrs of our past, sinking deeper into the rich shadows of the gay experience, steering the Movement away from the misconceptions of the American sitcom.

We are a generation of men who learned to harness technology at crucial stages of our sexual and emotional development to counteract the limitations of discretion & the homophobia of our environments. We experienced romance through bad coming-of-age films on VHS, we discovered sex as it loaded in the flickering glow of a computer screen, we found one another in the blocky letters of an internet chat room. We  learned to use these technologies to sharpen our sense of awareness into the most elegant of  survival instincts, to disarm with wit and annihilate by observation. This is a showcase  this weapon’s responsibilities. We are the new breed of homosexual man and these are the fruits of our labor.

Welcome to HomoChic.

-Leo Herrera, 2009

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