All Time Favorite DJ/Producers Playing an Extended Set @ Public Works on Saturday ::Wolf+Lamb vs. SoulClap::

Wolf+Lamb is based out of New York. Soulclap is based out of Boston. They are putting out some of the best music right now.  As producers and DJ’s they produce a sound that is approachable, yet inspiring. On Friday May 14, Wolf+Lamb and SoulClap will be DJing together at Public Works. Tickets are $15.00 in advance.

Their tour, SoulClap vs. Wolf+Lamb, kicked off April 1st to launch their CD released on DJ Kicks.  In all, they are DJing 22 parties all over the world. Including Berlin, London, New York, and of course San Francisco.

The CD released last month, isn’t exactly what I expected. It’s a bit of departure from what I like about both of their individual mixes and podcasts.  While not a total success in my opinion, it’s definitely got some tracks that are worth the purchase price.

DJ Kicks Cover

Even though it’s not my favorite DJ Kicks, I’m looking forward to their combined efforts on the dancefloor. When I’ve seen either one of them, separately, it’s been a unique experience.

Instead of assaulting dancefloors with an obscene amounts of beats per minute, they provide a sultry atmosphere that spans from electronic to rock. The common layer is a very danceable beat, muted enough, to allow a story to unfold.

For instance, listen to this gem from Soulclap. A remix of Jamie Foxx’s One Night Extravaganza.  This is quintessential for why I love them.

According to the Resident Adviser, some background on their DJ Kicks Album Release:

Over the past few years, the two DJ teams have carved a new niche for house music in the US, thanks in part to the Wolf + Lamb label and its parties at The Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn. Both outfits push a sound that’s a bit slower and sexier than what you’re likely to hear in a European club, a vibe that Soul Clap’s Eli Goldstein dubs “gentle and deep.” After a couple of European tours and a series of big EPs, the foursome have settled in Miami for the winter and gotten to work on their first major compilation, which aims to encapsulate their trademark sound by highlighting many of artists from their enclave in the Northeast.

“The concept for this mix was originally going to be to use our favourite tracks from the last two years–y’know, classic stuff,” Wolf + Lamb’s Gadi Mizrahi says. “But then we thought it might be a stronger idea to do something that was about our world. We have such a strong sense of collective about the way we do things at the Marcy Hotel and on the Wolf + Lamb label… We figured if we could bring that to a mix and keep it in the family, with people who’ve released on the label we would have something special.”

This means loads of new material by Wolf + Lamb regulars, such as Deniz Kurtel, Slow Hands and Greg Paulus of No Regular Play, plus Zev and Gadi themselves. Meanwhile, Soul Clap pay homage to their hometown of Boston with exclusive tunes by Tanner Ross and SECT. Goldstein makes his solo debut as Eli Gold, while Charles Levine (Soul Clap’s other half) tries out his vocal talents on “Lonely C.” Friends of family like Lee Curtiss and Benoit & Sergio fit into the tracklist as well.

According to Charlie Levine, there’s one thing you can specifically expect not to hear on the mix: pop edits. “For Soul Clap, a lot of what we’ve done that has been hyped over the last couple of years has been edits,” he says. “Now we’re looking at all original material released on !K7. It’s a timeless label and DJ Kicks is one of the oldest compilation series. It totally legitimizes Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap and this new sound.”

And even thought I didn’t care for the album, it’s getting great reviews.

I’ve mentioned their podcasts and have, more often than not, been listening to either SoulClap or Wolf+Lamb while writing this blog.

The Duos - Wolf+Lamb vs. SoulClap

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