Three Million Dollar Frat House in the Heart of SF – indoor tree; basketball court (think roller disco)

This three million dollar frathouse, in the heart of SF, has an indoor tree for my kitty and a basketball court (ie: the living room) that would make an amazing roller disco.

Can’t say this money wouldn’t be better spent on a loft of my design. In the meantime, I’m trying to negotiate the price down.

My terms: No roller disco, No Deal!!!

Roller Boogie — Love on Wheels, Starring Linda Blair and Bearron

110 Freelon as listed on SF Curbed:

To enter 110 Freelon you must first walk through a laser optic lit steel tube pathway. Once inside you’ll notice the vast open floorplan features an 18-foot tall ficus tree and a 16×20 retractable skylight. The live/work loft boosts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and clocks in at 4,430-square-feet. Asking price? $3,100,000. The private roof is party central, because it’s got a hot tub and a “dance club quality sound system.” There’s monthly HOA dues of $487.42 there’s 3-car parking in the garage.

There are more pics on SF Curbed. This is just a taste.

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