Following the DEAD on Twitter & Ghost of Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga’s Dom Top From Heaven?

Ok two amazing post regarding stars from the other side. The first is about Tweeji. The second is about Lady Gaga being controlled by the ghost of Alexander McQueen.

High-Level On Tweeji: Follow dead people on twitter
Dead people on twitter aren’t new.  I’ve been following Jesus since before last Easter–defintiely a rough patch for him.

This site aggregates all the dead folks into one place. Notrious B.I.G,  Walt Disney, Buddha, Edgar Allen Poe and many more. Check it out:

Alexander McQueen Channeling Twitter

McQueen Dom Top From Heaven?
The second bit of otherworldly gossip, is the ghost of Alexander McQueen is apparently controlling Lady Gaga.  Thankfully it’s not John Denver. Imagine the internal struggles she’d be having.

According to the UK Mirror, as reported by Harper’s Bazaar as channeled through Lady Gaga from Alexander McQueen in heaven.

SHE’S certainly full of spirit – but now Lady Gaga reckons she is being controlled by a GHOST.

The oddball popstar is claiming the spectre of her dead fashion designer friend Alexander McQueen, who killed himself last year, is orchestrating her career from up above.

“I think he planned the whole thing,” she says. “Right after he died, I wrote Born This Way. I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing.”

Gaga said she realised McQueen was now in charge of her affairs when her record label moved the release date for Born This Way – to the anniversary of his death. “When I heard that, I knew he planned the whole damn thing,” she tells Harper’s Bazaar. “I didn’t even write the f***ing song. He did!”

It remains to be seen whether he will get a credit on her new album, which is out next month. But Gaga says: “Born This Way is the marijuana to the heroin of the album. It gets massively more intense as you explore it.”

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