Joe My God Reports Eagle SF is Closing ::final two weeks?::

I had blogged about the SF Eagle being earmarked for condos in December.  It seems rumors are swirling again, this time from bar staff.  According to Joe My God, the SF Eagle has two weeks left.

Readers are emailing this weekend to report that staffers at San Francisco’s Eagle Tavern are telling patrons that the iconic Sunday beer bust hangout will be closing in two weeks. Last January a local website reported that the building was for sale and provided the below rendering of what may be built at that location. Man, I’m gonna miss that dump.

If the Eagle does close, what are we evolving towards. Would love to get your thoughts.

The beloved Eagle as it looks today

Rendering for Modern Condos to go on the site of the Eagle -- as Reported on Socketsite


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  1. It’ll only be bad if the owners don’t take their proceeds and open a new and better Eagle somewhere nearby. There are plenty of amazing underutilized spaces all over that corner of SOMA.

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