After Raja from RuPaul’s Drag Race Rocked SF, Rumors Remain: She Admitted Not Winning

In addition to giving SF good face all weekend, Raja left a wake of rumors. Apparently during her weekend adventures,  she ‘slipped’ and admitted to not winning season three. WHAT!?!?! (insert devastated face here)

I’m hoping it’s a crafty ploy, on her part, to keep us guessing. Cause if she really doesn’t win, I’ll likely stop watching. Not to mention, I can’t imagine her dropping that bomb.

Perhaps there was some Absolute Vodka involved, the official sponsor of RuPauls Drag Race. (that one was for Ru and her never ending product plugs)

Then again, I wouldn’t be crushed if it was Manila Luzon. Good luck ladies!

Raja in SF, backing it up from Monday:

On Monday some friends and I embarked upon the ultimate RuPaul Drag Race experience at Deco Lounge with my favorite contestant from season three, Raja. Her Sade performance was hot.

She also partied at Something on Friday and went under the Big Top, Saturday as the main hostess.

Some video of Big Top, in case you missed it like me:

Some pics of Deco:

Post performance Paparazzo

All that glitters is Raja

Mass Appeal

Raja on Raja Action

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