SF Drag Legends Hired to Perform at Britney Spears Concert, Told to Hide Once Cameras Started Rolling

One of the big messages that was being circulated for Britney Spears appearing in SF was she was working to win back the gay vote from her nemesis Lady Gaga.

As a result, Britney’s ‘people’ integrated some of SF’s finest drag superstars into her show, that is until the national cameras started rolling.

According to Heklina’s backstage account of the Britney Spears Show, published in The Bay Citizen, once she and the other queens had done their job keeping the crowd entertained they were pushed from sight. Apparently, to avoid controversy.

Put best by Heklina, herself:

Backstage in the green room, it was all people on headsets sending us mixed signals. (“Ten Minutes!”; “Never mind, you have time to go pee”; “Hurry up you’re going on”, etc.). My co-emcees were Sister Roma, Juanita More, Donna Sachet, and Pollo Del Mar, a fabulous sampling of SF drag glitterati. We had the unenviable task of having to keep the crowd pumped up for 45 minutes which, I discovered, is actually very difficult if you can’t say dirty words, do live sex acts, or be generally filthy in any way.

After we were done, the signals went from mixed to very direct. We were initially standing by the area that Britney would use to take the stage, and instructed to flank Britney as she entered. Then — uh-oh — a stage manager banished all of us to the green room. While standing in the doorway of the green room to get a glimpse of Britney emerging from the bowels of the backstage labyrinth, we were told to move back. Then, came the word that the drag queens were still in the shot — and a producer saying, “We don’t want the drag queens in the shot.”

Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/12aZJ)

As for the overall performance, leave it to Heklina to not mince any words.

The show itself? Not a concert as much as three elaborately staged drag numbers, with a lot of dead time in between each song so GMA can cut to commercial when it airs. The sets were great, as were the dancers, but the weakest link was Brit herself, looking a bit awkward while she lip-synched her heart out. 

Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/12aZJ)

Heklina’s interview outside the event:

An amazing shot of two of our very own, doing Britney during the ‘troubled times’.

A version of this photo showed up in the SF Chronicle. Well done guys!

Chris Zachos, left, pretending to be Britney Spears," I'm having my third kid" and Joe Dunphy, right, doing shaved head/umbrella Britney. This was snapped as the two stood outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

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