SF Debut ::Tonight:: DJ Boris from Berlin’s Berghain @ Honey Soundsystem ::Fresh From The Black Party NYC::

Berghain, located in Berlin, is quite possibly the most sex forward and music forward dance destination in the world. Tonight will mark the SF debut of two Berghain DJ residents.

A rare look inside the Berghain, where photography is strictly prohibited:

Hedonism, sex, decadence @ Berghain, according to wikipedia:

Berghain has a strong reputation for decadence and hedonism; a New Zealand Herald article describes “people openly indulging in sexual acts” inside the club, and the basement contains a dark room specifically set aside for that purpose. Photography is strictly forbidden.The door policy is selective and mostly random, but there are no VIP entrance or VIP areas. Special guestlist is restricted to a few guests for each dj and maximally two guests for each staff member. As a special feature, no mirrors or reflecting surfaces can be found anywhere in the club. Like many Berlin clubs, Berghain hosts extremely long events; a Philip Sherburne column in Pitchfork Media describes a Carl Craig set that began at 3:00 Sunday afternoon and continued until the club’s ending time. Jesse Rose has described “Entering Panorama Bar is like going back in time to an age when people went out to really party.”

From the Fetish club Snax, emerged Berghain, according to wikipedia:

Berghain is the reincarnation of the “legendary” club Ostgut (1998–2003) This club itself emerged out of a men only fetish club night, called “Snax”, which was held in different locations before it found its permanent home at the new club “Ostgut” as a part of a new concept. Quickly the “Ostgut” developed into a focal point of the Berlin techno-subculture since the venue was now open for all genders on regular nights except on those “Snax” club nights six to eight times a year. “Ostgut” closed down on January 6, 2003 following a 30-hour farewell event, and the former railway warehouse which housed it was subsequently demolished. Berghain opened in 2004.[5][11] The name “Berghain” is a composite of the names of the two quarters, which flank the building south and north: Kreuzberg (former West Berlin) and Friedrichshain (former East Berlin). “Snax” is still held once a year on Holy Saturday in the main room (Berghain), while only the Panorama Bar is open for a mixed crowd.

Boris’s bio from the Berghain site:

DJ Boris is kind of a charismatic, multifunctional weapon in the Berlin club life. His musical roots reach back to the mid 80s, when he lived in New York for four years where he absorbed the unique spirit of the seminal club Paradise Garage weekend after weekend. From the Club’s mentor Larry Levan Boris learned to believe in his musical intuition as well as a broad musical spectrum, which nowadays ranges from Disco, Hi-NRG, Post-Punk and (Kraut-) Rock to House and Neotrance, all of which Boris loves to throw into one set. „Music was most important for Levan. He was uncompromising and he knew how to convey it. That’s what I’m trying to achieve, too, when I’m djing.“

Many years later, Boris became a resident at Panorama Bar’s first incarnation in Berlin, where he was able to build a loyal following by playing long sets lasting until noon. „The crowd is always a lot more receptive for music at the end than at the beginning. That’s when I rather have the opportunity to present unusual stuff and that’s when I’m able to let my feelings run freely.“

After the old OstGut/Panorama Bar closed, Boris played in almost every club in Berlin, but when the follow up club Berghain opened its doors in 2004, he quickly focused on playing out here again. Since 2005 he has got another musical platform, as he is taking care of the label Careless Records as an A&R. Both as a dj and as an A&R, he is not exactly keen on refining a certain genre, but rather to push music with a certain twist.

Tonight at the Holy Cow (Honey Soundsystem) — Folsom and 11th

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