Rents for $10,000 and above in SF ::Housing expirament on one condition::

Before last week, it had been years since I looked on Craiglist for rentals. Two minutes on Craigslist, looking for rentals, I was floored.  They have places that are renting for $10,000 and above–I had no idea.

To check-out what you can get for 10K and above, click here. Or go to Craiglist, click on Apt/Housing for rent and type in rent: 10,000. It worth a five minute internet excursion.

My one condition:
For this kind of money, I want bedtime stories included, done live by Danielle Steele, included in my rent. And not her best selling book content. I want to hear about her criminal ex-husbands. In case you didn’t know, here is background from Entertainment Weekly.

“Her second husband was Danny Zugelder, whom she wed in 1975 inside a prison in Vacaville, Calif., while he was incarcerated for robbery and sexual assault. And her third husband, William Toth, was a recovering heroin addict — also with a record — when they met in 1977. (She met Zugelder by chance while visiting another inmate; she and Toth became acquainted when he was hired to help her move.)”

Images and Video of some of the places for $10K and above:

10K in Nob Hill


What you get for $12,000

From 10K - 15K in San Francisco

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