3D Anatomy of A Gummi Bear ::360 View:: By Jason Freeny

I’m OBSESSED with Jason Freeny, an artist, peeling back the animation of popular characters like Stewie from the Family Guy, Hello Kitty,  and My Little Pony to show you their anatomic insides (bones, heart, lungs).

my little pony anatomy sculpter by freeny

Hello Kittiy Schematic by Freeny

stewie with a stun gun anatomical sculpter by freeny

His galleries can be found on Deviant Art, Trend Hunters, and Freeney’s own site. You can also buy Freeny’s art on his site. Prints range from $62 to original sculptures fetching around $1800.

Click on the gummi bear and see his insides as he rotates in 3D.

Click on this image for a 360 3-D Animation of the Gummi Bear

You can become a fan of Jason Freeny on Facebook.

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