Be Good Johnny Weir, Actually the Greatest Pop Star On Ice ::Biography of Deviance, Not Conformity::

Johnny Weir stands out in male figure skating for being his effeminate Russian loving self. Unlike Evan Lysacek the ‘masculine’ definiton of figure skating, Johnny is creating his own category.

Johnny Weir's Autobiography

Johnny glides across the ice portraying both the male and the female parts in his controversial routine ‘The Swan”, talks about cocaine and vodka during press briefings, all the while glittering more brightly than RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Although Weir didn’t officially come out as being gay until this year, he was never really not out. In an interview Weir asked, “I Don’t Celebrate Being White or Male, So Why Should I Celebrate Being Gay?”

You can learn more about Johnny Weir by watching his full length film ‘Pop Star on Ice’, or his by watching his TV Show ‘Be Good Johnny Weir’ on Logo at 10 p.m. Pacific. Webisodes of Be Good Johnny Weir are also available on

I suggest both. Pop Star on Ice gives you a deeper look into the competition and Johnny’s trials, the TV show–Be Good Johnny Weir–looks more into his life.

Since Johnny Weir is always covered in glitter–my favorite color–he is by default, and his own design, my favorite athlete of 2011.

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