Lindsay Lohan Under Investigation, Again ::Theft:: You call this a comeback, girl? C’Mon

I rooted for Britney Spears, silently, and I’ve rooted for Lindsay Lohan, not so silently.

No one loves a makeover, or a good comeback story, better than me. I’ve watched countless episodes of the Swan and even more episodes of Extreme Makover: Plastic Surgery Edtion.

Unfortunately, Lindsay can’t seem to get it together.

One month after being released from Betty Ford Clinic she is being investigated for the theft of a $2,500 necklace.

Lindsay even got fired from the Linda Lovelace biopic of the famed porn star from Deep Throat.

I guess someone needs to remind Miss Lohan, poor people buy things. The necklace wasn’t part of a gift bag.

Even still, I’m hoping she pulls outta of this nose dive. Perhaps Celebrity Rehab: All-Stars Edition will be the break she needs.

The party never stops for Lindsey...

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