suiGeneris Expansion ::Bigger space = 50% bigger selection for Bears::

Some of you may have seen, or heard, that suiGeneris is expanding. Sometime in mid-February you can expect their footprint on Market to include two storefronts.  One store is a massively expanded men’s boutique; their current location will become a woman’s consignment boutique.

This is a major win for the neighborhood and stylish San Franciscans (bears included), who have come to know and love the suiGeneris men’s boutique.

suiGeneris Speaks Bear – Style Comes in All Sizes
While I’ve always had very good luck finding clothes for my larger frame at suiGeneris, it has come to my attention guys of my stature sometimes think that suiGeneris doesn’t have clothes in their size. NOT TRUE!!!

Even though I’d like to keep all their larger sizes to myself, guys of all sizes should definitely check out their store. If you are overwhelmed by digging through their selection of clothes, you can give them your size and they’ll find pieces for you. I do this all the time and they find me great stuff.

::Co-Owner Miguel Lopez Talks About the New Location::

How much larger is it that your current location?
Miguel: The current location is about 900 sq ft. And the new one is around 1600 sq ft, including the Private consignors area and basement…

Roughly how much more stock will you be able to put on the floor, compared to what you have now?
Miguel: The idea is to spread what we have and really showcase some of the great pieces we have between the racks. We will also have room to add a couple hundred more pieces.

Of this stock how much more will be geared toward bear sized guys?
From LARGE to XL and XXL ( 42, 44, 46….  Some 48) it may be about 50% of the merchandise…

Massive New suiGeneris Space Means More Style Options for All

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