Grinding Your Way to A Higher Caste ::Targeting upper-class neighborhoods near you::

Geo-Location ‘dating’ has taken the gay world by storm. Applications such as Grindr and Scruff tell us our next hook-up could be zero feet away.

A new twist I’ve been hearing more about is cruising a desired neighborhood to increase your chances of meeting a potential match in a desirable economic bracket.

It’s pretty simple. There is that high-end high-rise downtown, doorman and all. The coffee shop around the corner has free Wi-Fi. All you have to do is sit and wait, the snare has been set. Add in bottomless cups of coffee and you could make a day of it.

While I’ve definitely heard of guys doing this in neighborhoods, like the Castro, this has added an entirely new layer to the possibilities of geo-located hook-ups.  Keep in mind though, once you snag ‘em you are going to have to work to keep them. The next hookup could be just around the corner.

The New Gay Smiley Face?

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