Today, San Francisco Graffitti Artist ::Jeremy Novy:: Pimped My Ride

The impact of Jeremy Novy’s work is undeniable. Known best for his Koi fish swimming through the streets of San Francisco, today he painted my XTerra. This was his first, and very likely his last, vehicle.

In all there are four Koi fish. I have one on my right fender and three down the left side of my car. We put my lucky Koi fish, signified in orange, on my driver side door. Initially commissioned to cover up damage from past collisions, these are now the favorite part of my XTerra.

I can’t help and feel the same excitement, when I look at Novy’s work, as I did when I first saw a Keith Haring.

About Novy
Although the spray painted images Novy shares are  less than a millimeter thick, the messages behind them are much deeper. The art he shares, drives awareness and change.

While there have been gay graffiti artists since Haring, I’m not sure any are as widely appreciated, and enjoyed by so many different demographics, as Novy.

More to come.  This kid is RAD! For now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

My Pimped Out Ride
Below are some snapshots of my car.  His Koi are always  a combo of white, black and orange to represent the colors of San Francisco.

Orange represents my lucky Koi

Transformation in the Rear

Rear Fender Bender

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