Glitter Hearts, Razor Blades, Boyfriend Stalker Sean Young, and a DUI – What’s not to love?

With glitter being my favorite color, skating by default is fast becoming my favorite sport.

This is especially true when skating involves celebrities who have spun out of control on multiple occasions, in real-life, spinning out of control on ice. YAY!

Yes, I’m talking about hair metal rocker, Vince Neil, and boyfriend stalker, Sean Young, on Skating with the Stars.  Sadly my finding this show, today, coincides with Vince Neil getting his umpteenth DUI. Guess the pressure of the show got to him.

While I’m a little sad for Vince, and the fact I just discovered this show, I’m happy to report the full season is on Hulu for quick and efficient consumption. Be warned, the free playback of the first season is only up for two more days.

One of the best parts is Johnny Weir’s guest spot.

Yeah, that’s a glitter heart. What’s not to love?

Johnny skating to Lady Gaga's Poker Face (episode 1, part 1)

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