Best Podcasts 2010 – Your Free Sountracks for 2011

There aren’t many moments in my life when music isn’t playing. From the time I was a bump in my mom’s belly she was dancing with the music blasted.

Fast forward 36 years, and I’m dancing with a belly of my own…music blasting.

The following podcasts provided the some great tunes to punctuate my 2010.

Soulclap – A powerhouse of house infused with classic rock.

Outta Boston, These Guys are Rad Recorded or Live

Wolf+Lamb – A close second, definitely more heady.

Outta New York, Truly Inspired Sounds and Artists

Nicolar Jarr – On Resident Advisors best single cast.

Outta Everywhere, Best of the Best DJs

HoneyPotcast – Best Local Podcast by Far

Outta SF, Truly Amazing Parties and People

EMB – Best Bear Podcast


Outta SF, The Best Talent From All Around Our Bear Loving World


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