Death of Beloved SF Institution: The Eagle Earmarked for Super Modern Condos

Earlier this week I saw a post on Facebook talking about the sale of the SF Eagle. Today it became all too much of a reality, when another reader sent me mock-ups for the building proposed to go on the site of the Eagle.

According to Socketsite, renderings for “1600 Harrison” have sat perched in the Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects portfolio. The site also reports there have been rumors the Eagle has been up for sale since the beginning of 2010.

For those of you that may not know the Eagle, it’s an institution here in San Francisco and one of original watering holes for the gay community that remains intact.

If we don’t stand up to this gentrification our entire GLBT history will be lost and our social circles crushed. It’s not just a bar. It’s part of our communities fabric.

I’m not sure what we can do, but will keep you posted if I find out anything more.

If anyone has more information, please let me know.

The beloved Eagle as it looks today

Rendering for Modern Condos to go on the site of the Eagle -- as Reported on Socketsite


  1. Couldn’t they build this in the much larger, waste-strewn eyesore of an empty lot across the street from the Eagle. Makes more sense as that lot is it’s own standalone block with access from multiple streets. It’s been empty for the 21 years I’ve lived here.

  2. Count me in with the “Bears in Chains” bearacade 😉 Thanks for posting I have heard rumours about this for a couple years now, would be really sad living in a non-Eagle San Francisco.

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