Statewide Rave Ban Proposed in CA – More restrictive than you think

Constantly reminded I’m a second-class citizen in this country, as a gay person, I’m especially infuriated by any bitch that tries to step on my right to dance.

In an attempt to stop a wave of ecstasy overdoses and deaths, Fiona Ma is working on statewide ban of raves. The proposed law, AB 74 or the Anti-Raves Act of 2011, is very restrictive, in my opinion.

While I haven’t technically Raved in years, this ban would seriously impede my freedom to dance.  What they are considering a ‘Rave’ covers any dance event that happens outside of a club or bar. So nearly anything that is slightly underground, and definitely fun.

From fellow blogger Neon Tommy: The legislation proposed by Fiona Ma would make it a misdemeanor to hold a public event between sunset and sunrise that features prerecorded music and lasts more than 3.5 hours. The punishment would be a fine of “$10,000 or twice the actual or estimated gross receipts for the event, whichever is greater.”

From me: Whatever lady. Kids need to learn that drugs have consequences, and if you do too many you die. This shouldn’t ruin the fun of those that are responsible.

Those throwing the party certainly shouldn’t be held responsible.  I’d like to hold her responsible for all the actions of the jackasses who elected her.

On the brighter side – New Project to Document Early Rave Scene in SF:
If you interested in preserving the history of underground dancing, there is a cool project that just kicked off to document the early San Francisco Rave Scene by weaving together interviews shot at previous locations where these parties took place with archival footage, contemporary B-Roll and time-lapse photography.

In their words: We are creating a deep and poetic film that examines the do-it-yourself mentality and psychedelic community spirit that the San Francisco Bay Area rave scene epitomized. We invite you to join our family in making an important film about a magical period of San Francisco’s history.

To learn more about the project and/or to donate money, click here.

Anonymous Raver Glam

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  1. With reading this, a few questions come to mind. What about all the festivals and such that have the capabilities to raise money for organizations, would they fall into the same category? If they were to call it a fund raiser or something to raise awareness in the community, would they be fined? Burning Man?

  2. This sounds like a terrible law.

    And I know that Burning Man feels like it’s part of San Francisco, but it’s out of state, right? 🙂

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