Real Live Phillip Morris, and the movie — I do love you

I just saw  I Love You Phillip Morris.  It was very entertaining, and way more than I expected. From one over the top scenario to the next, this fellow truly lived life XXXL–illegally for the most part.

During the entire film, I couldn’t help but wonder: what do these guys really look like? So I looked them up.

The movie is a must see, if you haven’t already. Trailer below.

The real life Steven Russell and Phillip Morris

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  1. Just watched the movie, it was cute,funny,and entertaining just to see what he would pull next. Although 2140 is a bit much considering the fact that theirs, way worse crimminals that need to have his bunk space, and he didn’t hurt anybody. Well he certainly lead a interesting life.
    And it was a little weird watching Jim carrey and Ewan McGregor play gay guys, but I was cool with that too!

    • it wasent the fact that he diddent hert anybody what he attualy did was rip of aload of money of peaple and imbaressed the textas peolice and becoz of that he got life and he is in a locked room under servalance 23 hours a day with an 1 hour shower time wich is wached all that just for what he did when their are loads more sick and twisted crinimals walking the streets the shuld be were he is now

  2. omg, i loved the movie, it was funny, touching, and exciting all perfety wrapped in one, and nobody but jim could have played the role. it is trully a must see. too bad for the real steven, he has to spend his whole life in jail for stealing and people kill people and get less, wat kind of word do we live in???

  3. The movie is just wonderful: a great love-story, and the biggest gay-movie since Brokeback Mountain. The really good thing is that it’s funny! A movie portrating gays that’s funny is rare. And the tricks he does are just unbeliveable.

    • Agreed. They should reserve that kind of punishment for murderers. Locking him up 23 hours a day seem a bit much, don’t you think?

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