San Francisco Gene Therapy Trials for HIV Treatment, Taking Candidates

Earlier this week, I posted news from The Huffington Post that a stem cell transplant cured HIV in the fellow known as the ‘Berlin Patient’. For some this was old news. For others it was a trigger to send me some really good information.

Based on this post, I was contacted by  readers with  information on gene therapy trials taking candidates in SF.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this program please review the criteria to qualify:

Candidates for the trials must be:
– HIV Positive and have never be treated for HIV
– T Cell count above 500, Viral Load above 1000
– Clean and Sober
– No Hep C

To get more information on the program:
You can contact Quest at 415.353.0800 ask for Dr. Jacob Lalezari or email Dr. Lalezari at

To learn more about this type of therapy, here are some articles readers sent:
– Technology Review – Can AIDS Be Cured?
– The Medical News – Preclinical efficacy data of Sangamo’s ZFN based human stem cell therapy for HIV published

Gene Therapy Holds Great Hope For Our Future

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