My love affair with Juanita More – More! than a icon, More! than star, More! speaks Super Bear This Wednesday

I first heard Juanita More spin at the Lord of Balls, an over the top bar/salon created by designer Joe Boxer. It was 2001.

Juanita graced the decks, standing behind the studded leather DJ Booth, she glided record after record into place.  A poodle could be seen over her shoulder. This was no miniature Poodle, it was a standard, and it was gilded in gold.

Juanita Rocking Lord of Balls 2001

The poodle wasn’t alone. Juxtaposed across a stairway–twelve steps lead up or down–was his mirror image.  Coming up the stairs you could see that each stair was etched with some inspiration of deviance.

While we danced, the poodles spent the entire night on their hind legs, two paws in the air, peeing into golden vats that supported their stance. Their aim was precise, and so was Juanita’s set.

And so began my love affair with Juanita More!
It’s almost like she knew. She invited me to amazing meals, in the coming years, serving her famous funky fried chicken.  Granted there were 30 – 40 other people at Mars Bar shuffling in and out that day, but I didn’t care.  This was between Juanita, me, and her chicken. Her honey kissed deep fried chicken, pressed to my lips.

Shortly after this delicious meal, my suspicions were confirmed, Juantia not only felt the same, she spoke Bear.   It was right around Christmas and she sent me a holiday card. Inside was a recipe for meatloaf. At this point I knew it was love.

Juanita Speaks Bear This Wednesday With DJ Super Bear @ Bootycall
To hear Juanita speak bear you can join her this week at Bootycall with special guest DJ Super Bear aka Mark Loque.

Let me tell you, I hit his party Fag Bash, in Provincetown this summer, and it was an unbelievable musical experience.

He is one of the finest DJ’s I know. To hear some of his sets, click.

DJ Super Bear @ Bootycall 2009


Juanita Speaks Bear Everyday – Awesome T’s
Be sure to check out Juanita’s T-Shirt collection. My favorite is More! Bear.


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