Suicide, the most tragic hate crime of all – five gay teens dead in three weeks as a result of being harassed for their sexuality – What can we do?

Pushed by bullying to the ultimate choice, between life and death, five teens in the last three weeks have killed themselves as a result of being harassed for their sexuality.

Allowing hatred to irreversibly snuff out life is an unacceptable result of the messages and messengers of hate that prey on the GLBT community. The loaded guns are being brought from home, into our schools, and ultimately being put into the hands of those who are unable to fend off their attackers, any longer.

Exhausted, alone, and void of hope the resulting suicides are especially horrifying, as they could’ve been prevented.

The following video narrates a real suicide note of a gay teen (NOTE: this is graphic in nature)

What can we do? Let GLBT youth know they aren’t alone

While many of my friends are gay, it’s especially important we remind our friends and family, who are not, how scary and painful growing up GLBT can be.

Regardless of people’s orientation, religious background, or age we all have to stand up to make sure this doesn’t keep happening.

If a GLBT kid knows they have a straight ally, this can mean the difference between life and death.

We need to arm our kids, and ourselves, with the gift of hope to win the war over hatred.

Five things you need to know about gay teen suicide.

The Trevor Project can help — 24 hours a day – anywhere in the nation

The Trevor Project provides counseling for youth in risk and guidance for educators and parents with teens at risk.

The Trevor Helpline, a toll-free number, is a confidential service that offers trained counselors. The Trevor Project also provides guidance and vital resources to parents and educators in order to foster safe, accepting and inclusive environments for all youth, at home and at school.

Donate to The Trevor Project


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