My unused RealBad ticket and the disco snare of HONEYSOUNDSYSTEM from which I can’t break free—YAY!

It’s true, I still have an unused RealBad ticket in my pocket for this years’ party. That’s right I tracked down a ticket on Facebook, paid $80 bucks, and then never made it to the party.  Why you may ask?


What was supposed to be a quick excursion on my way to RealBad, turned into my main event. Hosted at the brand spanking new Public Works Space (you really have to see it to believe how cool it is), the DJ lineup wrapped me in a disco snare from which I could not break free.

The Party Called House of Black Leather had the best line-up of DJ’s I had seen in a very long time.  Horse Meat Disco, Dabecy, Rich King, Shannon, Nikola Baytola, and the Honey DJ’s (Kendig, DJ Pee Play, KenVolusion, and Derek Bobus).

The most amazing part – it was only $5 bucks.  Wh! Wha! What!

Because I love you, here are a few disco biscuits to share:HONEYSOUNDSYSTEM has a weekly party on Sunday night party. They are moving into a brand new space this Sunday. It has an indoor/outdoor area and is conveniently located south of market right near the corner of 11th and Folsom.

You can hear some of the DJ’s featured at the party on Electronic Music Bears, an amazing podcast you should be subscribing to if you aren’t already.

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