Day 2 the fitting: I wasn’t lost, I was just early.

The day of the fitting I was as lost as usual. Except, this time, I was lost in French instead of English.  After walking up and down alleys for sometime, it became clear that I was more than lost. I’d flown 10 hours and now I couldn’t find my rendezvous. Typical…

As the anxiety overtook me, it became clear a bold move was in order.  For the first time in my life, I pushed the anxiety out of my mind and started walking in the direction of destiny.  I decided I was going to find my destination and it was going to happen no matter what.

Lost on the streets of Paris, searching for a unicorn

I started up the cobble stone street, Rue Saint Claude, when something magical happened. Coming at me was a large white creature. It could’ve been a unicorn or an albino elephant. I was that excited, elated, and overjoyed.

Not a unicorn or albino elephant, however just as amazing

Reaching out of both sides of the van were happy hands waving in my direction. Behind the glass reflecting the Parisian street were the smiling faces of Walter, Andrea, and Joost.

The boys pulled into the courtyard and began to unload the clothes.

into the garden, just the tip



walter van beirendonck spring summer 2011, Walter and Joost unloading

For once in my life I wasn’t lost, I was just early.

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