Three days in Paris – Men’s Fashion Week – Gia, Janice, Linda, Tyra and me

A month to the day — it all happened so fast. Literally, three days in Paris and I was back in SF. Flight, fitting, walked the runway in Paris Men’s Fashion week for Walter, and then flew home.

Insert countless bottles of Rose, a few controlled substances, Paris Gay Pride, meeting some of the hottest models of all time, San Francisco Gay Pride, and there you have it.

Not only was it a dream, it felt like a dream. I slept a total of nine hours, three hours a night, for my three day trip.

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As I rolled into my best friends hotel at 4 am the night before the my Paris fashion debut, it occurred to me that if this modeling thing keeps up I’d need to reevaluate my stance on partying.

While being a Gia or Janice Dickinson comes very easy to me, and heroin/coke do keep you thin, I couldn’t help but wonder if Linda Evangelista would’ve been partying until the wee hours of the morning the day of her big debut.

Then I started to think about my strengths as model—big, bodacious, burly, buxom, and bearish. Which of course got me thinking about Tyra Banks who we all know has opted for hugs, fried chicken, milkshakes, and not drugs.

Then it hit me, I had gone too far because they put me in sunglasses. It was somewhere between my fourth or fifth bar that I realized my smize would be hidden and I only needed to focus on my swagger.

It was at this point I looked at my two favorite ladies, Jodie and Christina, took another drink, and one step further into my one night extravaganza—times three = three night extravaganza.

The big takeaway: hugs + drugs; food + booze; burley + buxom = my signature look (HOPE with sunglasses)

Next up:
– Day 1__The fitting
– Day 2__Backstage/and the walk


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