How and Friendster started my drug inspired love affair with the Scissor Sisters used to have international radio station that reached the United States, cirque 2000. While I should’ve been working I was looking for international connections and getting my groove on.

That’s when I first heard it, Comfortably Numb by the Scissor Sisters. It was the best thing that ever happened to me on a Gay dating site.

Like most ‘new’ relationships, I hit it. I hit it a lot.  I was hitting that track 10 times a day, if not more.

Just a little pinprick…The song was heroin, or about heroin? It didn’t matter, I was hooked.

Like any good junkie, I wanted more. And I found it on Friendster. A newly added friend let me know he had a bootleg of the upcoming album.  Slightly illegal, definitely illicit, and exactly what I needed. One fedex later and it was in my hand.

It was truly one of the most amazing things I’d ever heard.  After sending my Friendster pal a message to this point, he suggested I take my praise to the source, and introduced me to Babydaddy. Turns out Baby was going to be in SF, the very next, day visiting friends.

We hit it off, and I made a point to see every show I could in California. From the House of Blues Anaheim with the B52’s, to their show at Slims where a fight broke out with me in the middle (Baby thought I started it…he was onstage after all and it was hard to see), to the sold out Fillmore show, to the Warfield show, to a show at Bimbos, finally seeing them at Shoreline with Depeche Mode

In addition to California, I also saw them in New York and a rare behind the scenes performance for the popular music show CDUK in London.

These pictures are from that two-song performance back in 2004 for CDUK. The performance took place on a soundstage. These shots were taken during the rehearsal, before the fans were let in, and as the band was getting into their performance gear.

It was monumental for me as it was the first time I had seen the Scissor Sisters in Europe and truly understood the “MANIA”. While they rock the US, Europe is truly a different story.

As they release their third album, I wanted to share these photos as a tribute to one of the best bands of all time. They have brought inspiration, hope, and most of all they have entertained us in ways we never thought possible.

The band and its members mean more to me than they probably know. They are friends, an inspiration, and most of all really deserving of all their success.

I can’t wait to hang with them when they are in SF. Rumored to be after the summer.

Baby on the phone, Ana getting ready backstage CDUK 2004

Gorgeous now and then, Ana Matronic

My tent please! Jake Shears warming up CDUK 2004

Babydaddy Rocking it at rehearsal CDUK 2004

Jake charming the mic

The original duo, Jake and Babydaddy

Babydaddy, understated and sexy, as always

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  1. Man that takes me back to early 2005 when my friend Dave Cobb visited and came by the house with his Ipod full of goodies. He plugged it into the receiver and was jumping from track to track and landed on ‘Tits on the Radio’. My ears lit up, WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! I blared out over the music. He proceeded to tell me all the juicy bits he knew and then dropped the ‘bassist is a bear’ bomb. One google search and for the next week or two I was absorbing every bit of music, video, and internet info I could get my hairy sweaty paws on! When my order came from UPS of the DVD for ‘We are Scissor Sisters and So are You’ I remember watching it, every bit on a Saturday afternoon. I was in fugging TEARS! I had not felt that connected and overjoyed about music in soooo long. They didn’t seem like a band, they seemed like good friends that somehow got wiped from my life and suddenly were poured back into my life memories. The story, the members, their diversity and backgrounds, the music, all reminded me of anyone I ever created with and or called a dear friend in the form of this band. It sparked a creative spree inside of me and I went right to my small home studio and started writing and recording again after almost giving up on music. Since then I’ve seen I’ve traveled to see them live twice, both times with my partner Lou who was into them before we met and attended the House of Blues show in Orlando where we are from. I had the joy of meeting Jake, Del, and BD after the ATL show in 2006 outside the Tabernacle which I swear lost a brick or two after their performance. They were just as I suspected: Like friends I knew forever, funny, kind, loving and sincerely engaged with their fans. Lou and I will be at the ATL show this month (part of our birthday gifts to each other going on the road to see Scissors in ATL, then Tears for Fears in NC on my birthday) I hope they come out to say hi again and this time bring the devine Miss Matronic out as well so we can once again gush our love at them like cannons! I truly love, admire, and relate to the Scissors! Viva Scissor Sisters!!!!

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