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Hitler House Sparks More Celebrity Look Alikes On Twitter ::snapshot XXXL::

The ‘Hitler House’ started blowing up yesterday when a kid tweeted a photo of a house he though, looked a lot like Hitler. Now it’s taken on a life of it’s own as more and more people match house look-alikes to celebrities.

While I’ve got the feeling people are really bored, some of these are pretty funny. Excluding, Hitler of course.

The original, Hitler

According to Mail Online:

The foundations were laid by a simple tweet – and now the the fad of matching houses with their celebrities doppelgängers is growing at a frightening rate. Grab your hard hat and get involved!

Originally Charli Dickenson, 22, uploaded the picture of a house in Port Tennant, Swansea, on to his Twitter account because he thought it was the spitting image of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The picture, in which the sloping, angular roof and the thin brown door depict the famous fringe and moustache of the Führer, has become an Internet sensation.

Busted grill, Mike Tyson

Future Forward, Ninja Turtle

PETA Suggests to San Francisco They Rename the ‘Tenderloin’ to ‘Tempeh’ ::the protein-packed fermented soybean product::

In their ever amazing viral PR efforts PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, suggested San Francisco Officials should rename the Tenderloin District, to the Tempeh District–the protein-packed fermented soybean product.

I  prefer Firm Tofu (District).

As covered in the San Francisco Chronicle:

With city officials contemplating a proposal to rejuvenate the struggling Mid-Market and Tenderloin with a payroll tax break to lure more businesses to the two neighborhoods, the activist organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggests another way to — at least — revitalize the Tenderloin:

Rename it the Tempeh District after the protein-packed fermented soybean product.

”The city deserves a neighborhood named after a delicious cruelty-free food instead of the flesh of an abused animal,” PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, wrote in a letter sent Tuesday to Mayor Ed Lee.

The word Tenderloin has dual meaning: the most tender part of a cut of meat (PETA’s beef, er, complaint) and an urban district notorious for vice (the reputation of the San Francisco neighborhood that city officials hope to put in the past tense).

There's the beef...

After Raja from RuPaul’s Drag Race Rocked SF, Rumors Remain: She Admitted Not Winning

In addition to giving SF good face all weekend, Raja left a wake of rumors. Apparently during her weekend adventures,  she ‘slipped’ and admitted to not winning season three. WHAT!?!?! (insert devastated face here)

I’m hoping it’s a crafty ploy, on her part, to keep us guessing. Cause if she really doesn’t win, I’ll likely stop watching. Not to mention, I can’t imagine her dropping that bomb.

Perhaps there was some Absolute Vodka involved, the official sponsor of RuPauls Drag Race. (that one was for Ru and her never ending product plugs)

Then again, I wouldn’t be crushed if it was Manila Luzon. Good luck ladies!

Raja in SF, backing it up from Monday:

On Monday some friends and I embarked upon the ultimate RuPaul Drag Race experience at Deco Lounge with my favorite contestant from season three, Raja. Her Sade performance was hot.

She also partied at Something on Friday and went under the Big Top, Saturday as the main hostess.

Some video of Big Top, in case you missed it like me:

Some pics of Deco:

Post performance Paparazzo

All that glitters is Raja

Mass Appeal

Raja on Raja Action

Radioactive Rain Reaches East Coast :: bottled water for me, but not for Japan:: EPA yet to release contamination levels for California

After drinking an entire pot of coffee made with good ole San Francisco tap water, I sat down with my last warm cup, from the pot, and saw this doozy.

The Bay Citizen reported today, rain with iodine-131 from Japan reached the East Coast. The results for California are due out in the next few days.

I’m definitely worried, if radioactivity has reached Massachusetts, we are in for a bigger dose of the of fallout.

And then I look to Japan.   According to NPR, Japan has said it’s safe to drink the tap water and to not rely on bottled water!

I'm going to take the side of caution until we get the California report

In any event, I’m stocking up on bottled water, until we get the California report. While I’m not a fan of bottles, with all the rain we’ve been having it seems like it might be the right thing to do until we get the report for California.

An expert in the Bay Citizen article explains why:

Iodine-131 is among the most toxic particles released during nuclear accidents, according to Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It can build up in thyroid glands, where it can lead to cancer.

“We’ve had immense storms, so there was a large amount of rainfall that potentially brought down a significant amount of radioactivity,” Hirsh said.

And although the radioactive rain has been detected in Massachusettes, the only state, so far, to issue a waring to ‘not drink rain water’ is Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Health has issued a warning to state residents: do not drink rainwater.

The warning comes after radioactive particles released in Japan have been documented around the United States and now in places on the East Coast.

From a release issued Sunday:

VDH is advising residents that the state’s drinking water supplies remain safe, but reminds Virginians out of an abundance of caution they should avoid using rainwater collected in cisterns as drinking water.

DONATIONS: If you haven’t already you can donate money to learn more about donation options on The Huffington Post.

While a bit confusing at the beginning, this video clip has more details on Japan lifting their ban on tap water:

SF Drag Legends Hired to Perform at Britney Spears Concert, Told to Hide Once Cameras Started Rolling

One of the big messages that was being circulated for Britney Spears appearing in SF was she was working to win back the gay vote from her nemesis Lady Gaga.

As a result, Britney’s ‘people’ integrated some of SF’s finest drag superstars into her show, that is until the national cameras started rolling.

According to Heklina’s backstage account of the Britney Spears Show, published in The Bay Citizen, once she and the other queens had done their job keeping the crowd entertained they were pushed from sight. Apparently, to avoid controversy.

Put best by Heklina, herself:

Backstage in the green room, it was all people on headsets sending us mixed signals. (“Ten Minutes!”; “Never mind, you have time to go pee”; “Hurry up you’re going on”, etc.). My co-emcees were Sister Roma, Juanita More, Donna Sachet, and Pollo Del Mar, a fabulous sampling of SF drag glitterati. We had the unenviable task of having to keep the crowd pumped up for 45 minutes which, I discovered, is actually very difficult if you can’t say dirty words, do live sex acts, or be generally filthy in any way.

After we were done, the signals went from mixed to very direct. We were initially standing by the area that Britney would use to take the stage, and instructed to flank Britney as she entered. Then — uh-oh — a stage manager banished all of us to the green room. While standing in the doorway of the green room to get a glimpse of Britney emerging from the bowels of the backstage labyrinth, we were told to move back. Then, came the word that the drag queens were still in the shot — and a producer saying, “We don’t want the drag queens in the shot.”

Source: The Bay Citizen (

As for the overall performance, leave it to Heklina to not mince any words.

The show itself? Not a concert as much as three elaborately staged drag numbers, with a lot of dead time in between each song so GMA can cut to commercial when it airs. The sets were great, as were the dancers, but the weakest link was Brit herself, looking a bit awkward while she lip-synched her heart out. 

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Heklina’s interview outside the event:

An amazing shot of two of our very own, doing Britney during the ‘troubled times’.

A version of this photo showed up in the SF Chronicle. Well done guys!

Chris Zachos, left, pretending to be Britney Spears," I'm having my third kid" and Joe Dunphy, right, doing shaved head/umbrella Britney. This was snapped as the two stood outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

SF Debut ::Tonight:: DJ Boris from Berlin’s Berghain @ Honey Soundsystem ::Fresh From The Black Party NYC::

Berghain, located in Berlin, is quite possibly the most sex forward and music forward dance destination in the world. Tonight will mark the SF debut of two Berghain DJ residents.

A rare look inside the Berghain, where photography is strictly prohibited:

Hedonism, sex, decadence @ Berghain, according to wikipedia:

Berghain has a strong reputation for decadence and hedonism; a New Zealand Herald article describes “people openly indulging in sexual acts” inside the club, and the basement contains a dark room specifically set aside for that purpose. Photography is strictly forbidden.The door policy is selective and mostly random, but there are no VIP entrance or VIP areas. Special guestlist is restricted to a few guests for each dj and maximally two guests for each staff member. As a special feature, no mirrors or reflecting surfaces can be found anywhere in the club. Like many Berlin clubs, Berghain hosts extremely long events; a Philip Sherburne column in Pitchfork Media describes a Carl Craig set that began at 3:00 Sunday afternoon and continued until the club’s ending time. Jesse Rose has described “Entering Panorama Bar is like going back in time to an age when people went out to really party.”

From the Fetish club Snax, emerged Berghain, according to wikipedia:

Berghain is the reincarnation of the “legendary” club Ostgut (1998–2003) This club itself emerged out of a men only fetish club night, called “Snax”, which was held in different locations before it found its permanent home at the new club “Ostgut” as a part of a new concept. Quickly the “Ostgut” developed into a focal point of the Berlin techno-subculture since the venue was now open for all genders on regular nights except on those “Snax” club nights six to eight times a year. “Ostgut” closed down on January 6, 2003 following a 30-hour farewell event, and the former railway warehouse which housed it was subsequently demolished. Berghain opened in 2004.[5][11] The name “Berghain” is a composite of the names of the two quarters, which flank the building south and north: Kreuzberg (former West Berlin) and Friedrichshain (former East Berlin). “Snax” is still held once a year on Holy Saturday in the main room (Berghain), while only the Panorama Bar is open for a mixed crowd.

Boris’s bio from the Berghain site:

DJ Boris is kind of a charismatic, multifunctional weapon in the Berlin club life. His musical roots reach back to the mid 80s, when he lived in New York for four years where he absorbed the unique spirit of the seminal club Paradise Garage weekend after weekend. From the Club’s mentor Larry Levan Boris learned to believe in his musical intuition as well as a broad musical spectrum, which nowadays ranges from Disco, Hi-NRG, Post-Punk and (Kraut-) Rock to House and Neotrance, all of which Boris loves to throw into one set. „Music was most important for Levan. He was uncompromising and he knew how to convey it. That’s what I’m trying to achieve, too, when I’m djing.“

Many years later, Boris became a resident at Panorama Bar’s first incarnation in Berlin, where he was able to build a loyal following by playing long sets lasting until noon. „The crowd is always a lot more receptive for music at the end than at the beginning. That’s when I rather have the opportunity to present unusual stuff and that’s when I’m able to let my feelings run freely.“

After the old OstGut/Panorama Bar closed, Boris played in almost every club in Berlin, but when the follow up club Berghain opened its doors in 2004, he quickly focused on playing out here again. Since 2005 he has got another musical platform, as he is taking care of the label Careless Records as an A&R. Both as a dj and as an A&R, he is not exactly keen on refining a certain genre, but rather to push music with a certain twist.

Tonight at the Holy Cow (Honey Soundsystem) -- Folsom and 11th

Planned Britney Appearance at Mezzanine Never Happened, Shooting is Blamed

According to Revolt event organizers Britney was on her way to the party @ Mezzanine last night when shots rang out, leaving one man dead.  As any good security team would do, they didn’t allow her anywhere near the club.

While none of the Britney appearance news can be confirmed,  three friends on the street, outside Mezzanine, did hear gunshots around 2 a.m. and they were ushered into the club by security.

According to the SF Appeal:

One Richmond man was killed in a shooting early this morning in San Francisco, authorities said.The victim, 23, was shot multiple times by an unknown suspect on Jessie Street, between Fifth and Sixth streets, at about 2 a.m., Sgt. Michael Andraychak said.

The Performance:
As far as the crowd was concerned it seemed many of them didn’t know the impersonator wasn’t Britney for a good part of the first two songs. Camera phones were in full effect, held over their heads.

However, as the performance continued, the blinding see of screens diminished to about five.

If Spears had gone on at 2:30 a.m., the plan was for her to come out mid-song and rip the wig off the drag impersonator.

The Original Pop Tart

Becoming A Merbear ::all you need is a mermaid Zentai Suit and someone to carry you all night::

The Merbear Panda Express commercials are hitting very close to home. Not only is it an adorable bear, it’s a look any bear can accomplish with the help of a few friends, a portable platform (because you won’t be able to walk),  and a small investment in a mermaid Zentai Suit. The result — priceless.

Zentai suits comes in a multitude of colors and confirgurations, including a mermaid

I had never heard of Zentai suits until we started prepping for Burning Man. Uncle Riley, yet again, opened my eyes to a new world of skintight metallic wonders. Often zipperless with full hoods and full body coverage, these unforgiving suits can be customized to me made out of sheer nylon, latex, and just about anything you can imagine that stretches.

Zentai suit being modeled in my living room

For those that aren’t familiar with the Merbear commercial, I’ve got a clip below. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Zentai, according to Wikipedia:

“Zentai (from the Japanese ゼンタイ) is a term for skin-tight garments that cover the entire body.[1] The word is a contraction of zenshin taitsu (全身タイツ) (“full-body tights”). Zentai is most commonly made using nylon/spandex blends, but other materials such as cotton and wool are used as well.[citation needed]

There are several variations based on the Zentai suit including mummy bag (similar to a sleepsack) and hybrid suits consisting of either a single leg and arms, or separate legs and no arms.”

A Merbear


Best Head in Town, Mission San Francisco ::Snapshot XXXL::

As we were walking down Valencia this tub-o-heads couldn’t be denied. I can’t help but think, some drag queen’s wigs are now tangled on a shelf.

Suggestive SF Marketing

David Harness Tonight @ Revolt ::mezzanine sf::

The last time we got together for David Harness was at the Fag Friday New Year Party, back in January.

We had a blast as you can tell from the pics. Tonight should be more of the same @ Revolt.

Dancing to David Harness, Mystic Moves at Fag Friday New Year Party

More dancing to David Harness

In addition to legendary house DJ David Harness, DJ Hawthorne and Eddie Elias will be in the house.

Flier for REVOLT tonight @ Mezzanine

Also, there is a live performance that seems to be tied into Britney.

Could it be her? Prolly not, but they say it will be ‘toxic’.

Rents for $10,000 and above in SF ::Housing expirament on one condition::

Before last week, it had been years since I looked on Craiglist for rentals. Two minutes on Craigslist, looking for rentals, I was floored.  They have places that are renting for $10,000 and above–I had no idea.

To check-out what you can get for 10K and above, click here. Or go to Craiglist, click on Apt/Housing for rent and type in rent: 10,000. It worth a five minute internet excursion.

My one condition:
For this kind of money, I want bedtime stories included, done live by Danielle Steele, included in my rent. And not her best selling book content. I want to hear about her criminal ex-husbands. In case you didn’t know, here is background from Entertainment Weekly.

“Her second husband was Danny Zugelder, whom she wed in 1975 inside a prison in Vacaville, Calif., while he was incarcerated for robbery and sexual assault. And her third husband, William Toth, was a recovering heroin addict — also with a record — when they met in 1977. (She met Zugelder by chance while visiting another inmate; she and Toth became acquainted when he was hired to help her move.)”

Images and Video of some of the places for $10K and above:

10K in Nob Hill

What you get for $12,000

From 10K - 15K in San Francisco

My porn site debut on Tojan Rock ::sort of::

Of course two of my roomies, in Australia, were also porn stars. Australia is very cool like that.  One of them featured me on his blog: Trojan Rock. My clothes are on (mostly).

However, if you click around, there are some very naked men. (be warned there are pornographic pictures on this site!!!)

While I’m not starting a new career, I didn’t want my porn site debut to go by unnoticed. Even if it is G-Rated.

The fellow who does this blog and the site AlphaMale is as sweet as he is sexy.

The featured photo on Trojan Rock, My Porn Site Debut

Funnel Cloud off the Coast of SF ::HURRICANE & Grace Jones::

More freak weather in SF. Before I left for Australia it was supposed to snow in San Francisco. While it didn’t happen, for the first time in 35 years, there was supposed to be an inch of snow at sea level.

Now funnel clouds? This is too much. Dreaming of sunny days in Australia.

Video of the SF funnel cloud below and Grace Jones — HURRICANE — cause that’s what it feels like.


Hurrican off the album with the same title

Iconic Grace

Australia Mardi Gras Mind Blowing Official After-Party Opener ::Sick Drag by Dallas Dellaforce::

Dallas Dellaforce blew up the stage for the Official Mardis Gras 2011 after-party, promptly at midnight.

Made up entirely of volunteers, this performance was done in the authentic/electric spirit of Mardi Gras.

While these stills and clips don’t do the performance justice they will give you an idea.

The performance and audience were massive.

The tribal creature appears, back of the crowd.

No one knows it’s there. All eyes on front stage.

Magnificent Neon Drummers Opened the Show

Slowly, we realize something is coming.

Floating above the crowd it contorts.

Drummers, drum. Guards, guard.

Dallas explodes!


Dallas and 40 or so backup dancers explode in unison

The Look

Australian Mardi Gras 2011 Theme Let’s You Fill in the Blank ::Say Something::

Australian 2011 Mardi Gras was riveted together with performances and spirit unlike any other I’ve seen in the world. From the parade to the parties, the momentum kept building.

The theme this year was a blank speech balloon like those used in comic books. The idea behind it was for people to ‘say something’ by filling the balloon with your personal message for Mardi Gras and GLBTQ rights.

Whether it be gay rights,  trans rights, bullying, gay marriage, you could say anything you wanted.

It was explained to me, like many large events, that no matter what theme gets chosen–year after year–someone’s point of view always gets left out. However, this year there was no way to not be included as the theme was completely customizable and open ended. Pretty brilliant in my opinion.

A man named Kabi thought of the Say Something theme.  I had the pleasure of hanging with during my time with the Wet Ones Swim Club and then at the Mardis Gras 2011 Harbor Party. I can say he is as brilliant as he is humble. Not to mention he is a snappy dresser.

Kobi and I and the Harbor Party

Kobi and I and the Mardi Gras Party

From the Say Something 2011 Mardi Gras site:

Kabi has been volunteering for the Parade since 1988 when he made the Cupie dolls’ angel wings that accompanied the Order of Perpetual Indulgence’s infamous Fred Nile head in the Parade of that year. Kabi and his group ethel yarwood enterprises have since created some of the most memorable and iconic Parade entries of the past 23 years. They have collected 8 Parade awards for their efforts and entertained whilst contributing to the fame and prominence of the Festival.

Here he explains the reason and purpose for the 2011 season concept.

Say Something
The equal rights movement for gays and lesbians in Australia was ignited because in 1978 activists took to the streets of Sydney to bravely Say Something about the criminalisation of our sexuality and the oppression of our culture. From this seed of the 78′ers dissent, The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras was established. Through the combination of art, politics and courage we have employed this platform to Say Something about ourselves, our struggles and our triumphs, our losses and our gains.

Over the ensuing period, through its many forms and structures, this protest has grown into a world renowned festival encompassing multiple disciplines of the arts, parties, community gatherings and the Parade. Saying Something is a thread that runs through the entire festival. Writers Say Something to their readership. Speakers, performers, painters, photographers, dancers, actors, film directors, artists of all persuasions want to Say Something to their audiences to share an idea, an experience, to connect.

The very fact that 70,000 proud community members assemble at the Fair Day/Launch including our supporters, friends and family really Says Something about the power of the tribe, the strength of kinship.

The parade offers the community and sponsors the opportunity, and lays down the challenge, to pass commentary about issues affecting the local and international GLTQ family, and use our uniquely camp, larrikin view of the world to highlight and lampoon topical issues. Whether a single entrant or a marching mass of muscle marys, we will have an impact that resonates beyond the moment if we actually Say Something.

Additionally we will endeavour to exploit the digital age of the interweb. We will present to you new and exciting formats in which to participate in this campaign so that your messages can be instantly broadcast around the world.

So Say Something about injustice.
Say Something to your mother.
Say Something critical.
Say Something funny.
Say Something with passion.

Say Something to the cute visitor that will have him or her return to our shores again.

Say Something about equality.

Just get out there, this is your chance to Say Something.

Find them on Facebook.

Here’s Kylie Minogue’s Mardi Gras 2011 Say Something Message:


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