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Snapshot XXXL & First T-Shirt – 12.31.10

Although it took some time to get the design right and the shirt produced, I finally have my BRIAN WILSON STOLE MY LOOK T-SHIRT.

Let me know if you are interested in getting one of your own. It’s currently a one of a kind, however more can be made.

Unfortunately they aren’t free — but we can work something out.

First T-Shirt - One of a kind, unless you want one. It will cost you :)

WiFi on planes should free – Virgin finds a consenting partner

Free WiFi would put the glamor back in travel

As I’m making my way through the holiday skies, it’s nice to be connected to the Internet for free through Jan. 2 on Virgin.

So why don’t the uglier, lamer, and less equipped airlines also find a consenting partner and do the same?

As the video screens on planes, like United, get smaller and smaller as devices get bigger and bigger, I can’t help but notice the 10 inch screens three rows up staring at my iPad with envy.

To easily overcome their lack of flair, these subclass airline experiences could be easily improved.

I say Virgin, and all self respecting airlines, should have ongoing partnerships to make WiFi a free service.

It shouldn’t be that hard that hard to find a consenting partner.

Safe word: WiFi

Snapshot XXXL – 12.30.10

After reading my post gummy bear brass knuckle bling, not available in ring size 13 the makers of the gummy bear brass knuckles let me know they do in fact make size 13 on special request.

I got mine in the mail a few weeks ago and decided to show them off.  You can order a whole slew of gummy bear bling in lucite.

Rocking my Gummy Bear Bling in Size 13

Three Canadian Essentials and Club FiveSixty New Years Eve

I’m heading up North for the New Year and couldn’t make the trek without paying homage to three essentials. Molson, Mounties, and Pamela Anderson.


Molson -- while I won't be drinking it -- the bond between beer and Canadians Cannot Be Denied

If I had the chance, who knows

When I have the chance, I'll be sure to report back

For New  Years Eve, we will be hitting Club FiveSixty. A full report will be coming. In the meantime here is the flier. So far, it’s looking good.

And for NYE you can find me here

Reader Struggles with Knee Jerk Reaction to Saving Historical Gay Bars – What Are Your Thoughts on Passive Gay Culture?

My post on the Death of Beloved SF Institution: The Eagle resulted in a number of emails and comments. While the end for the Eagle may or may not be near, a dialogue this post sparked is worth sharing.

Read the following and let me know your thoughts on the evolution of gay culture.

From Riley, regarding my post on the death of the Eagle:
I struggle with the knee jerk reaction to “save historical gay bars”– our “gay culture” is radically changing- morphing into something we don’t seem to be guiding – so we jump to save the past versus sweating to build a future– many people criticize our ‘passive gay culture’ as compared to generations before– but it’s not a simple discussion:  it’s complex and includes big topics such as our relevance/potency as a RACE of people to the rest of the people/races on this planet!

So  much of our history is steeped in bar culture (which has been slowly  dying and proving an antiquated model for social interaction/ transcendence): just as the clubs/nightclubs have become nearly non-existent in SF, it seems the bar culture is facing the same fate.

Perhaps the question we should be asking ourselves is what new concepts/constructs do we need to BUILD for the modern queer race.

What is the evolution of the bar? I believe this also ties into the dialogue of what is the relevance of “gay community” centers…

I’m not sure locking myself to a bulldozer going nose to beak with the Eagle is activism. I’m more interested in rallying every young LGBTQ  (etc, etc) individual to interview/document the stories/struggles/history of his or her eldest queer friend–now that’s saving our history!!!

The SF Eagle is a place of Sunday ‘worship’ (yes a double entendre). It’s a place of brotherhood and transcendence for many men (from raw laughter, to raw sex, to stimulant inspired highs). I am thankful it exists, thankful for its history; thankful of its influences on me, and for the many, many, many memories it holds. And for the many who have held me there.

The beauty/liberation of our bar culture is tempered with the destructive nature of bars in general. For the many people we lose to abuse, we still don’t seem to have created an option– a new forum/model.

Some say the Internet/technology and online sex killed nightlife/dance clubs-and now killing the bar scene–some say it was/is drugs that kills the scene– some say its because gay bars have become so body/age/race specific — Darlings, WE kill the optimism by misusing the tools — so don’t blame the tools- we simply need to figure out how to  use the tools to build a better solution.

“Gay bar” owners have a larger pressure than a str8 bar owner… They inherit a responsibility to the queer cultural as their businesses are frequently the PRIMARY hubs for queer culture (which historically use to be sanctuaries/havens, now really just venues with ties to a historic past). Look at Lonestar, the difficulty of those boys navigating through honoring the past/present/future generations.  They struggle at great expense to innovate new ways to mix the segregated gay community” – pay homage to the past while welcoming the future.

Perhaps there is a poem/hidden message in the story/potential fate of  the SF Eagle (a gay American icon).

I personally know Stanley (the architect with the proposed schematic),  he is a wise, talented, potent and influential architect- and he is an  openly gay man. He is a credit and trophy to our race. His ideas/aesthetic have added to the evolution of SF. He is an ACTIVIST in my  opinion because his actions are conscious contributions to find/create  better ways of living verses talking about contributing (as so many others do). I have not discussed the Eagle site with him- but I guarantee he has something interesting to say.

Hmmmmm? The potential replacement of the old ‘dirty’ Eagle with a stark minimalist/contemporary community dwelling (likely with gay/straight tenants living side by side) designed by a widely celebrated  ‘gay /South African architect’ — is this a poignant commentary of our  own queer gentrification?

I miss the era when gay culture contributed beauty–  when the angst  of our struggle/oppression was expressed through influential/inspiring  aesthetics.

Perhaps as we grow closer to the prize of  “acceptance”/”integration” we will lose more and more of what bonded us together – pain/angst… Desperation for expression of self.

I’m eager to see what this gorgeous thing we once called “gay culture” is going to evolve into if into anything, I know I have to let go of my  definitions of what it has been- my nostalgia is part of my personal  identity. But keepsakes get heavy— the young queers of today are living in a world I never thought I’d see in my lifetime- And they  appear to be packing very lite baggage. I hope they can help develop new tools or better ways to use the old ones.

Metamorphosis Uncertain

Snapshot XXXL – 12.29.10


Snapshot XXXL – 12.28.10


Snapshot XXXL – 12.27.10

When whales attack

Snapshot XXXL – 12.26.10

Shetland Reindeer R.I.P.

Snapshot XXXL – 12.25.10

rudolph. on time and on budget

Death of Beloved SF Institution: The Eagle Earmarked for Super Modern Condos

Earlier this week I saw a post on Facebook talking about the sale of the SF Eagle. Today it became all too much of a reality, when another reader sent me mock-ups for the building proposed to go on the site of the Eagle.

According to Socketsite, renderings for “1600 Harrison” have sat perched in the Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects portfolio. The site also reports there have been rumors the Eagle has been up for sale since the beginning of 2010.

For those of you that may not know the Eagle, it’s an institution here in San Francisco and one of original watering holes for the gay community that remains intact.

If we don’t stand up to this gentrification our entire GLBT history will be lost and our social circles crushed. It’s not just a bar. It’s part of our communities fabric.

I’m not sure what we can do, but will keep you posted if I find out anything more.

If anyone has more information, please let me know.

The beloved Eagle as it looks today

Rendering for Modern Condos to go on the site of the Eagle -- as Reported on Socketsite

Snapshot XXXL – 12.24.10


Reincarnation, the gift that keeps on giving

Rave ON! Smackdown: organization to help the cause

Since I posted yesterday on the California Rave Ban, people have organized.

Save The Rave is a group of electronic music supporters who are organizing to fight anti-electronic music policy through lobbying, protests, media and whatever else is necessary.

Visit their website or their Facebook Group for more information and to get involved.


A logo torn right from the 90's

Snapshot XXXL – 12.23.10

Pick me! Pick ME!!!

Statewide Rave Ban Proposed in CA – More restrictive than you think

Constantly reminded I’m a second-class citizen in this country, as a gay person, I’m especially infuriated by any bitch that tries to step on my right to dance.

In an attempt to stop a wave of ecstasy overdoses and deaths, Fiona Ma is working on statewide ban of raves. The proposed law, AB 74 or the Anti-Raves Act of 2011, is very restrictive, in my opinion.

While I haven’t technically Raved in years, this ban would seriously impede my freedom to dance.  What they are considering a ‘Rave’ covers any dance event that happens outside of a club or bar. So nearly anything that is slightly underground, and definitely fun.

From fellow blogger Neon Tommy: The legislation proposed by Fiona Ma would make it a misdemeanor to hold a public event between sunset and sunrise that features prerecorded music and lasts more than 3.5 hours. The punishment would be a fine of “$10,000 or twice the actual or estimated gross receipts for the event, whichever is greater.”

From me: Whatever lady. Kids need to learn that drugs have consequences, and if you do too many you die. This shouldn’t ruin the fun of those that are responsible.

Those throwing the party certainly shouldn’t be held responsible.  I’d like to hold her responsible for all the actions of the jackasses who elected her.

On the brighter side – New Project to Document Early Rave Scene in SF:
If you interested in preserving the history of underground dancing, there is a cool project that just kicked off to document the early San Francisco Rave Scene by weaving together interviews shot at previous locations where these parties took place with archival footage, contemporary B-Roll and time-lapse photography.

In their words: We are creating a deep and poetic film that examines the do-it-yourself mentality and psychedelic community spirit that the San Francisco Bay Area rave scene epitomized. We invite you to join our family in making an important film about a magical period of San Francisco’s history.

To learn more about the project and/or to donate money, click here.

Anonymous Raver Glam

Snapshot XXXL – 12.22.10

My friends are a little twisted

Creepy XXX Christmas Video Featuring Well Endowed Puppy – Warning, Graphic

A friend just pointed out this creepy Aphex Twin like video for the, um, holiday. Be warned, it’s GRAPHIC! Like, XXX Rated.

It’s also very artistic in its own right. Nothing is done to portray the puppy in bad light, it’s just got a really big…you’ll see.

To watch the graphic video, click here.

Snapshot XXXL – 12.21.10

lights make everything more festive

Near NAKED photo-shoot on Baker Beach in the mid-50s, from BRRR to GRRRR

This weekend RJ and I trekked out to Baker Beach with our pal and photographer Robert Guzman.  His vision for the shoot: water.  Our vision for the shoot:  blurred by the rain.

At the end of day, we had some serious water on water action.

Naked on Baker Beach in the mid-50s was BRRR
As we descended down the more than 100 stairs to Baker Beach, we sloshed through muddy puddles. Our hoods and clothes got soaked. By the time we got to the beach we had succumbed to the water idea and began to embrace it.

Even though it was in the mid 50s we took off our shoes, tromped through the sand, and found a rock outcropping to put our stuff under. RJ stripped and we wrapped him in gauze. I waited until the last second and took my shirt off.

As Robert directed RJ to lay in the wet sand, I felt bad for him. Then Robert made me lay down next to him. UGGH! I thought I’d be spared. NOT!

Half naked soaked by the rain and ocean, we made the cold wet day look a little more pretty.

Whether or not RJ and I got pneumonia is to be determined. Regardless, it was worth it.

The resulting photos turned out to be GRRR
Here are some of my favorite shots that Robert took.

Photo By Robert Guzman

Photo By Robert Guzman

Photo By Robert Guzman

Photo By Robert Guzman

Photo By Robert Guzman

Photo By Robert Guzman


Snapshot XXXL – 12.20.10

Death Valley bubble wrap in Malibu, 2009.

Final Destination, Paris

Real Live Phillip Morris, and the movie — I do love you

I just saw  I Love You Phillip Morris.  It was very entertaining, and way more than I expected. From one over the top scenario to the next, this fellow truly lived life XXXL–illegally for the most part.

During the entire film, I couldn’t help but wonder: what do these guys really look like? So I looked them up.

The movie is a must see, if you haven’t already. Trailer below.

The real life Steven Russell and Phillip Morris

Snapshot XXXL – 12.19.10

Going native in Malibu, 2009.

Seagull free skies cost extra

Snapshot XXXL – 12.18.10

The contrast of palm trunks against the brilliant crystal captured the subtle glamor of Malibu. This is at my friend Natalia’s ocean front condo.

Taken in 2009, I'm always looking for bold lines to break up the space of my frame.

GIVING is extra nice when it means RECEIVING (tax deductions & VIP service)

Every year, I put some money aside so, in December, I can buy memberships to my favorite places for inspiration and entertainment.  This is the GIVING part.

So what about the RECEIVING?
These memberships come with a slew of VIP services and the cost for joining is fully tax deductible.

Not to mention, with very little effort, I can actually make my money back and then some.

Math is hard: what do you mean?
The year Vivenne Westwood was at the the DeYoung I not only paid for my membership, I got $240 worth of museum time at no extra charge.

I saw the exhibit eight times with one other person. Had I paid full price it would’ve been $320 bucks.  8 visits x $40 for two people = $320

Subtract my $80 membership fee from what it would’ve cost ($320) and I came out ahead with $240 in redeemed tickets, for Viv.

Pretty rad if you ask me. So don’t let the upfront fees scare you off on any of these.

You can make it back, and then some, pretty easily.

SFMOMA – Donations start at $80.
This gets you:

  • Unlimited free museum admission for you and a guest
  • Free admission for you and a guest to selected film screenings and lectures
  • Members’ express entry
  • Member preview days for selected major
  • Member evening receptions
  • 10 percent off at the MuseumStore — 20 percent on members-only sale days
  • 10 percent off at the Rooftop Coffee Ba10 percent off gift memberships
  • Free subscription to the exhibition and program guide

To join, click here.

DeYoung/Legion of Honor Combo starts at $95.
This gets you:

  • Unlimited free admission for one member and a guest* to the permanent collections and most special exhibitions at the de Young and the Legion of Honor
  • Invitations to special members-only events and viewing hours
  • Priority ticketing for special exhibitions
  • Discounts from 10 to 20 percent in the de Young and Legion of Honor Museum Stores
  • Free subscription to members’ publications
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on Museum audio tours, ticketed special events, films, lectures, and concerts

To join, click here.

California Academy of Sciences starts at $99.
This gets you:

  • Free unlimited daily admission
  • Personalized member card
  • Members only entrance (not applicable on the monthly third Wednesday free days)
  • Members-only hours
  • Free admission to Pritzker Members’ Lectures
  • Discounts on additional lectures and special programming, including NightLife
  • Discount on select Behind the Scenes and Wine and Dine tours
  • Special member pricing for Penguins + Pajamas
  • 10% discount at the Academy Stores
  • 15% discount on dinner at The Moss Room
  • 10% discount on any SharpShooter photo purchased on site
  • Subscription to the Academy’s member enews
  • Access to members’ only online publication
  • Borrowing privileges from the Naturalist Center

To join, click here.

Giving and receiving at the California Academy of Sciences


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